Zoom Is Changing the Way We Work with Customers all Thanks to Social Distancing

One on one virtual interaction with customers has become a surprising silver lining to the lockdown

Zoom has become incredibly popular during quarantine, with families using it to stay in touch, and businesses using it to work and converse remotely. Ever since the pandemic was officially announced in March, Zoom’s daily call base has increased from 10 million in December, to 300 million today. So, it’s a resource that’s here to stay, perhaps even way past the pandemic.

Zoom has changed how businesses are interacting with customers

Instead of getting people together in a crowded seminar, you can now cut out the middleman by having it all virtual. That means no room to rent, no electricity to pay for, no lines, and no one turning up late due to bad traffic. It’s a win-win scenario.

TCGC offers premium branded video call backdrops. It’s a great way to keep your space professional and help your customer feel like they’re in a business setting. Your employees can also feel comfortable in their private space, as your business logo will be the focus of attention rather than their home office.

You may ask, how can you do business via a video call if you own a shop, cafe, gym, or anything that isn’t an administrative office? Well, it’s easier than you’d think. From online classes to live music events, many businesses have adapted Zoom to help them sell their services.

Zoom is the new digital mall for retail and style

There will always be products you simply can’t buy online until you see what they can do. Luckily, the shopping experience has gone virtual.

Holding a product up to the camera and demonstrating what it can do, while the customer watches and asks questions, is just as good as you both standing in a store.

You can also send customers samples. Sending a package like this allows them to open and go over the sample live. It will also give the customer a better sense of what the Zoom presenter is selling.

The only difference is that people are buying from the comforts of their own home. On top of seeing what the product can do firsthand, there’s also less chance of interruption, since employees are likely only calling one customer at a time. In a busy store setting, it can get stressful, and many customers can go unseen.

Fashion and beauty experts are now offering their services via Zoom, teaching customers how to cut their own hair and create a look-book. Stylists are compiling clothes capsules and talking clients through fashion theory over webcam. And makeup artists are demonstrating their contouring skills just as they would in a studio space. Skincare experts and estheticians are having virtual consultations too, diagnosing skin issues, and offering helpful advice thanks to the power of the webcam.

The food industry is still booming, virtually

Chefs are even adapting to the change in business by teaching online classes and communicating with delivery services via Zoom.

Some restaurants have gone a step further and have created a dining out scene for their patrons. Customers can place an order for their food and prepare for the online call on zoom to mimic the public dining experience.

The shift to delivery and take out has shown that takeout food doesn’t have to be unhealthy as high-class restaurants, vegan cafes, and other establishments are now offering delivery and take out options.

Restaurants can team up with delivery services such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Postmates, JustEat, or any courier service to become takeout friendly. The rest is up to you and Zoom.

Classes and events just got a lot simpler

You can have up to 1,000 people on a single Zoom call, which makes it perfect for summits and conferences, not just small meetups. This is a massive amount of people compared to the mere 50 people you can host on Skype and messenger, and 150 on Hangouts. That’s a lot of customers and a lot of new opportunities.

This is particularly helpful if you run regular gym classes or other physical activities. Gyms and personal trainers have gotten creative with how they reach their customers and have been hosting private and group workouts.

Coaches and personal trainers are available on camera to give feedback on techniques and to lend some inspirational praise. They know and understand that motivation can be hard to find when exercising alone, so some instructors even schedule one-on-one check-ins.

It just goes to show that almost any service can be made virtual, whether you’re stretching on a yoga mat or lifting weights, there’ll be someone there to help you get pumped up. You can also recreate the in-person feel by sending your customers promotional swag they can use during the event.

Customers can wear t-shirts that have your business logo on them or carry branded tote bags to their next essential grocery trip.

Text, visuals, and voice become a match made in heaven with Zoom, and hopefully, when the lockdown is over, we can continue to run our businesses in this accessible and safe manner.

TCGC can’t wait to chat with you over Zoom and discover how we can help you expand your business. Our main goal is to support you. Call 954.838.9318 or email us info@tcgcenter.com.

We would love to learn about your company and help you create a memorable experience. Call 954.838.9318 or email us info@tcgcenter.com

Gaby Thierer

Gaby founded TCGC in 2002 shortly after she immigrated from Argentina. Following her family’s blueprint, Gaby has been working in the printing industry since only 12 years old. Over the years she has worked with thousands of companies helping making their brand memorable.

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