COVID-19 Risk Factors of Everyday Activities and Precautions to Take

We all want to get back to normal life and leave the house. But what are the risks? And how can you be better prepared?

For many of us, it’s been months since we have done much outside of the home. No dining out, no haircuts, social gatherings, or visits to the spa. As much of the country is reopening, it’s important to understand the risks of continuing the spread of COVID-19 and precautions you can take to limit them.

Which activities are the riskiest? And which are probably okay? Here’s a look at the primary risks of engaging in everyday activities, which are the riskiest in spreading the coronavirus, and what you can do to protect yourself and others.

A look at the biggest risks

It’s important to understand that all activities are not created equal. Some are going to be riskier than others as you venture out and try to resume a normal routine. Some activities are outdoors versus indoors, for example, and some involve large gatherings versus interactions with just a couple of people.

According to an epidemiologist at Tulane University, Dr. Susan Hassig, the biggest risks are when there are large gatherings of people. These activities include things like:

  • Sporting events or concerts
  • Parties with friends and family
  • Movie theaters
  • Religious gatherings
  • Bars

When there are large groups of people, and especially those where you’re not wearing masks and staying distant, there is a very high risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Activities with medium risk include gatherings of fewer people where interactions are limited. These include going to a restaurant indoors, going to the gym, or visiting a hair or nail salon. Contact is minimal and limited with only one or two other people. However, there still is a risk when you are in contact with any other person.

Many restaurants have reopened for outside-only dining. This is considered a low-risk activity since patrons are out in the open air and are spaced far apart from other people.

Other outdoor activities like going to the beach or the park are considered low risk. Shopping at the grocery store or other retailers is also low risk, especially since most have taken precautionary measures to ensure safety.

While some activities can be resumed as normal with minimal risk, the main takeaway is that large gatherings are always going to be riskier.

Precautions to take to limit risks

There are still precautions to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and especially when attending gatherings of more than ten people. Wearing a mask and trying to remain 6 feet apart from others at all times are important steps, even if it feels uncomfortable to do so when you’re with close friends and family.

Places like restaurants and stores are also implementing measures to keep employees and the public safe. This includes limiting the number of people allowed inside at one time, social distancing requirements, and wearing a mask.

Even with the medium and low-risk activities mentioned above, like getting a haircut or going to the gym, it’s still wise to practice distancing where possible. Never engage in physical contact with others outside of your household like hugging or shaking hands.

Other precautions include communicating with friends and family virtually and only visiting retailers and service providers when it is a necessary visit.

It’s also wise for you and your community to stay abreast of recent news updates and developments surrounding the pandemic. More is known about the virus every day, and officials provide guidance about how to move forward, for both individuals and businesses.

While the spread of COVID-19 is far from over, businesses are reopening with restrictions in place. As you start to recreate your normal routine with visits to the gym or hair salon, it’s important to know that these activities aren’t completely without risks.

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