What you Need to Know Now about Social Distancing Signage


  • After the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Gaby and TCGC immediately went into “how can we help our customers” mode. That’s when the company decided to offer social distancing signage to help their customers safely open their businesses when the time came.
  • TCGC also incorporated PPE into their product lineup. items like sneeze guards, face masks, and restaurant and workplace partitions. These PPE and printed solutions were less about bringing in revenue for TCGC and more about helping their customers and their customers’ customers stay safe after reopening.
  • TCGC also supported graduating students at all grade levels by helping them feel recognized and celebrated via fun graduation signs for families and schools to proudly display on their yards and properties.
  • While the general public sheltered in place during the height of the pandemic, TCGC partnered with industry peers to start a GoFundMe campaign called Heroes of our Time. The proceeds of the campaign went toward providing meals to health care workers on the front lines, as well as congregants of a local church. In total, they provided over 3,000 meals to health care workers, essential workers, and families in need. Gaby and her team also sent masks and supplies to those in need in Malawi Africa.
  • While businesses and their customers are spending more time social distancing, TCGC is seeing a shift toward tried and true marketing channels – like direct mail. TCGC is here to help create and print impactful direct mail marketing campaigns for their customers.

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Gaby Thierer

Gaby founded TCGC in 2002 shortly after she immigrated from Argentina. Following her family’s blueprint, Gaby has been working in the printing industry since only 12 years old. Over the years she has worked with thousands of companies helping making their brand memorable.

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