What You Need to Know Next About The Corporate Graphic Center

  • TCGC is the leader in social distancing signage. They have been a premier printing company for 19 years and have expanded their product line to include promotional products and graphic design services for their customers.


  • TCGC is much more than just a “printing company.” They work with their clients to audit their printing processes to identify areas of surplus or overspending. Gaby and her team then develop solutions to help their customers optimize costs and increase their bottom line.


  • Many companies believe that printing in-house is a cost savings, but after thorough evaluation, TCGC has found that option to be more costly than working with a trusted printing partner.


  • TCGC works with companies of all sizes, but they can make the most impact with companies that have 100 employees or more. They can also implement positive changes for companies with various divisions or branches by dealing directly with the headquarters. In these scenarios, TCGC can ensure streamlined and cohesive branding for all divisions of a company.


  • TCGC performs company audits as a complementary service to their potential and current customers. Most recently, they saved one of their customers $42,000 per year.

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Gaby Thierer

Gaby founded TCGC in 2002 shortly after she immigrated from Argentina. Following her family’s blueprint, Gaby has been working in the printing industry since only 12 years old. Over the years she has worked with thousands of companies helping making their brand memorable.

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