TCGC Supports Businesses with Social Distancing and More

The economic effects of COVID-19 are far from over, but more and more businesses will be reopening soon in some fashion. Many of them must have strict social distancing and health precautions in place.

TCGC remains the leader in social distancing signage to assist businesses when they reopen. The company recently announced that it would expand its printing offerings, in addition to PPE and other equipment to help companies comply with official guidelines.

COVID-19 support products from TCGC include:

  • Social distancing floor decals, yard signs, and banners
  • Posters and stickers
  • Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer
  • Touchless keys
  • FDA-approved personalized fabric masks

These products help businesses, both small and large, comply with regulations and inform customers about best practices. They provide the instructions necessary to convey to patrons, as well as important tips for health and safety.

TCGC also provides work-from-home and remote activity solutions. These work environments are now commonplace, and businesses must adapt.

The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate across industries. TCGC is here to help with the products you need to keep moving forward. As TCGC Founder and CEO Gaby Thierer said, “TCGC helps your business become part of the healing process that the country is just beginning.”

As the economy slowly tries to reopen, it’s more important than ever to put all necessary procedures in place to ensure your business is compliant and customers are safe. View additional social distancing and PPE products on the TCGC website.

Read the full press release about TCGC’s social distancing signage and expanded product offerings here.

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Gaby Thierer

Gaby founded TCGC in 2002 shortly after she immigrated from Argentina. Following her family’s blueprint, Gaby has been working in the printing industry since only 12 years old. Over the years she has worked with thousands of companies helping making their brand memorable.

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