Are these must-haves in your post COVID-19 business plan?

No one really knows what the future after COVID-19 will bring. All we can do is continue to take an abundance of caution and stay tuned into the new updates and regulations being released by your local government. However, when it comes to your business, it’s never too early to create a post-lockdown plan.

One day the spread will cease, and business will open once more. But in a post-Coronavirus world, you’ll have to come up with a completely different business model to function.

But how can you do this?

Recognize that your original business plan may need an update

Very little will be the same once the coronavirus has been dealt with. Some of these differences will be for the better, such as the way we deal with hygiene and the way the world treats workers.

You may have found that working from home wasn’t as bad as you thought, and if it makes good business sense, it could remain the norm.

Integrating this into your business model is vital in keeping your staff comfortable, safe, and productive. Plan for remote workers and for more flexible working hours in general.

Any plans you’ve made for hosting events or interacting closely with customers will also need to be redesigned entirely due to social distancing rules.

Keeping clean just got an upgrade

Hygiene, health, and safety protocols will also be completely different. Instead of just having soap and toilet paper available for visitors, hand sanitizer and face masks will also be a must. Just because businesses are beginning to open, doesn’t mean that social distancing mandates will be lifted entirely.

Hand shaking will no longer be a given when meeting new customers and clients, and of course, standing in line will remain as it is now, at a six-foot distance.

Maybe we’ll go back to normal one day, but for the foreseeable future, it’s better safe than sorry.

Re-open in small steps

 Starting with limited hours of operation, this will help your team get back into the swing of things. You can also limit the number of customers and clients that enter the building to ensure proper distancing is observed.

For restaurants that provided curbside pickup, this could make sense to incorporate into your new way of doing business. Especially if you’re limiting the number of people entering the restaurant for the foreseeable future, it helps provide people with an added level of service.

Having trial runs with staff members is also a good way to make sure all will go according to plan on opening day. Keep your team solution-focused and plan for whatever could go wrong. Test the waters before you go all in.

Use signage to communicate the changes to customers

 It’s all well and good if you and your staff understand the new restrictions. However, your customers and clients must know too. Having vibrant, easy to read signs will ensure everyone understands the new rules.

To help communicate and implement your new health or operational guidelines, TCGC has worked hard to create eye-catching printing solutions. We have a wide variety of signs that communicate the following:

  • One-way aisles
  • Which way to checkouts
  • Social distancing instructions
  • Stand here for checkout lines
  • How to properly cough
  • And way more

 Whatever business you’re in – retail, hospitality, event planning – there’s a set of signs for you.

Technology and equipment will become even more important and individualized

Due to hygiene concerns, more and more of your equipment must be cleaned more regularly and given to individuals rather than full teams. Computers, pricing guns, tills, coffee machines, sewing machines, printers, tabletops, pretty much any kind of tech and machinery depending on what your business does.

A no-touch sensor system, particularly for toilets and soap dispensers, will also decrease the chances of picking up germs and viruses.

TCGG can supply you with the industry specific PPE and equipment that’s right for your company. For example, restaurants will benefit greatly from sneeze guards that cover food, and partitions that divide customers from employees at the register.

Similarly, in doctors’ offices, vets, and pharmacies, these same pieces of equipment can help protect both employees and patients from spreading germs and bacteria.

TCGG also has FDA approved masks that come in various sizes, designs, and are available in bulk or individually. They also offer thick acrylic shield boxes for medical use, in various shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

In addition to being cognizant about shared technology, you may also want to consider moving toward remote work. Having laptops that staff can take home with them or giving them access to the company servers from their own home computers, will mean fewer people at the office. Incorporating all these changes means stopping the spread, and flattening the curve.

UPDATE AS OF MAY 21, 2020 IN THE BROWARD AND MIAMI-DATE COUNY AREAS – The following includes all cities except for Hialeah, Miami, Miami Beach and Miami Gardens as of yet.

Restrictions are scheduled to relax on the 25th May. During phase 1 of the mass re-opening, businesses such as barbers and salons, restaurants, and museums will continue to re-open. Re-opened businesses will need to adhere to strict social distancing rules, as well as updated health and safety guidelines. Future relaxation phases will include bars, beaches, movie theatres, and so on.

Check out the official government guidelines for re-opening when it’s your business’ turn. Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has also publicly released an in-depth guide called The New Normal, that will help business owners and residents alike adjust.

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Gaby Thierer

Gaby founded TCGC in 2002 shortly after she immigrated from Argentina. Following her family’s blueprint, Gaby has been working in the printing industry since only 12 years old. Over the years she has worked with thousands of companies helping making their brand memorable.

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